Arundel Community Development Services impacts multiple areas in Anne Arundel County

Arundel Community Development Services, Inc. (ACDS) is a private, nonprofit corporation established in 1993 by Anne Arundel County, Maryland, to create and retain affordable housing opportunities and to ensure the efficient delivery of community development services to those most in need.  ACDS staff consists of professionals dedicated to improving the quality of life for low and moderate income residents and those with special requirements, such as the homeless, the elderly and the disabled.  We search out and manage federal, State, and local government funds, as well as private resources, bringing a private sector mentality to the management of public funds.  Our success stems from creative partnerships with local governments, private developers, nonprofit organizations and community groups.  We have taken the expertise we have gained in this field over 20 years as a nonprofit serving Anne Arundel County and begun to offer our services to other local jurisdictions in the region seeking help in administering similar programs. The ACDS mission is to:

  • revitalize declining neighborhoods through the targeting of joint public and private investment;
  • preserve and increase the supply of affordable housing for both tenants and owners through comprehensive property rehabilitation programs;
  • promote homeownership through financial support, homebuyer education and construction of affordable units;
  • ensure housing for those with special needs, including the homeless, the elderly, and the physically and mentally challenged;
  • enhance the quality of life in low income communities by providing community facilities and services to children, youth and families, and supporting job training and placement; and
  • preserve our rich cultural history through wide ranging restoration efforts.

ACDS is currently under contract with Anne Arundel County and the City of Annapolis to administer federal housing and community development funds, and with the State of Maryland to serve as a local administrator of Special Loan Programs.  In addition to overseeing the general administration of federal, State and County housing and community development funding, ACDS directly operates homeownership and foreclosure prevention counseling programs, a property rehabilitation program, an accessibility modifications program, group home and single family acquisition and rehabilitation programs, and a down payment and closing cost assistance program.  ACDS also actively works as a nonprofit developer to acquire and rehabilitate distressed homes in targeted neighborhood revitalization areas for sale or rent to income eligible households, as well as developing newly constructed units as affordable homeownership opportunities.  ACDS staff actively manages a portfolio of over 45 residential rental units, while ensuring tenants meet current income eligibility requirements as required by project funding sources. In addition, ACDS manages the Continuum of Care (COC) homeless planning process on behalf of Anne Arundel County, including preparing the County’s annual application for funding and administering approximately $2 million in COC funding for over 14 homeless programs each year.