Ocean City Development Corporation revitalizes downtown Ocean City

cd week_oc mainstreet building


The Ocean City Development Corporation (OCDC) was incorporated in 2000 as a nonprofit organization and is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization.  The OCDC is charged with revitalizing downtown Ocean City.

The OCDC targeted the area from 4th Street to the Inlet for its original revitalization efforts, but has expanded this area to 17th Street.  In March 2012 the OCDC absorbed the Boardwalk Development Association (BDA) and has now moved its programs onto the Boardwalk.  This area is also classified as a Sustainable Communities Area (2013), and a Main Street Maryland community (Inlet to 4th Street in 2012) by the State of Maryland.  Ocean City does not have an historic district, but the downtown area operates under two sets of design standards that were developed by the OCDC.  All new construction and renovation are required to adhere to these design standards that have been approved and codified by the Town of Ocean City.

The OCDC is involved in a variety of activities in the downtown area ranging from implementing several grant programs (Façade Improvement, Green Building, Roof, Fence, and Business Assistance), public art projects, management of seasonal employee housing, design and site plan review, capital improvement projects, land acquisition, and special events.

The OCDC receives funding from the Town of Ocean City, Worcester County, grants, membership dues, housing management services, annual golf tournament, parking lot management, and donations.  All of its public art projects are funded through private contributions.  It also has access to the Town of Ocean City’s Inlet Parking Lot Trust Fund which is used for downtown capital projects and land acquisition.

The OCDC website is:  www.ocdc.org.

1405 Baltimore Ave.  before 1405 Baltimore Avenue. after

1401 Baltimore Avenue before                                                 1401 Baltimore Avenue after