Vision, Mission, History


The Community Development Network of Maryland envisions all Maryland neighborhoods and communities thrive and are areas where people of all incomes have opportunities for themselves and their families.


Our mission is to engage and strengthen Maryland’s community development industry and promote comprehensive community development through advocacy, partnerships, and capacity building.

What is Community Development ?

Community development is defined as strategic initiatives that organizations and businesses implement to work with urban, rural and suburban communities to improve them economically, physically and socially for the people who live and work there.

Who is the Community Development Industry?

Any organization or individual doing community development for the benefit of the community. This includes nonprofits, public agencies, developers, individuals, and more.


The Maryland ABCD Network was founded in 2006 focusing on filling the void left in Maryland after the Maryland Center for Community Development (MCCD) ended it service. ABCD formed with a commitment to be a Network of community development organizations with a lean staffing structure working together to build capacity and advocate with one voice. That goal has been met and in the summer of 2013, ABCD conducted a strategic planning process where, among several other strategic decisions, the decision to change the name to better align with the mission was approved. The Board of Directors eventually decided on the name Community Development Network of Maryland. Other strategic decisions are described in our Strategic Plan