Regional Coalitions


CDN is in the process of organizing the state into regional coalitions. The purpose of these coalitions is to (a) make sure CDN is touching all of the organizations involved with community development in the state, (b) to understand capacity building and training needs and provide resources to meet those needs (c) understand common issues in each region, and work with the coalitions to resolve those issues.

CDN organizes the state into the following regions: Southern Maryland, Eastern Shore, Western Maryland, DC Region, Central Maryland (minus Baltimore City) and Baltimore City.

The Baltimore City Committee has been around since 2006 and meets monthly. It is anticipated the other regional coalitions will meet quarterly. Partner organizations have been assisting CDN to ensure we have the most updated list of community practitioners in the state.

Each region has its own page on this website to share minutes of meetings, and to highlight any work they are doing or projects.