Community Development Network of Maryland

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CDN organizes the state into the following regions: Western Maryland, Southern Maryland, Prince George's County, Montgomery County, Eastern Shore, Central Maryland, and Baltimore City.

CDN supports the formation of local coalitions in these regions. The purpose of these coalitions is to: (a) make sure CDN is touching all of the organizations involved with community development in the state;  (b) understand capacity-building and training needs and provide resources to meet those needs, and; (c) identify common issues in each region, and work with the coalitions to resolve those issues.

Each regional coalition has its own page on this website that 

includes a list of members.

Baltimore City

Central Maryland

Eastern Shore

Montgomery County

Prince George's County

Western Maryland

Southern Maryland

Testimonials from members

Duane Yoder, President, Garrett County Community Action

"My basic strategy is to work to explicitly include discussion on such issues as equity, health, access to jobs and energy, as well as the environment.  Doing this, I believe, will create a much stronger foundation for building sustainable communities.”

Gerard Joab, Executive Director St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center

  "The Community Development Network supports St. Ambrose's work to deliver innovative and evolving programs that help more than 3,000 low- and moderate-income families each year."

Amy Menzer, Executive Director Dundalk Renaissance Corporation

“Community Development Network helps keep me informed about important legislation and budget items that impact my organization’s work and gives us a very visible platform to unite with other organizations to advocate on policy reforms."